Shawn B Duckett

Owner of Duckett Carpentry & Locksmith


Growing up I was the kid in the neighborhood that people looked for if they wanted something done. It could have been mowing the grass, moving furniture, or painting the house. After high school I went to school for architecture. I soon learned that it was a fast pace make no mistakes business. Years latter i remembered what my mother’s boss said to me “Be your own boss, run your own business”.

I started SOS Security Solutions in 2016 of which we were an all inclusive security shop. Latter we added the handyman service because so many people from Home Advisor were asking us if we did other things such as drywall, or carpentry. We found that the handyman aspect is extremely brood and time consuming. So I changed the name to Duckett Carpentry & Locksmith so that people know more or less exactly what we do, and we now focus on a smaller business nitch. I believe that with the smaller nitch it will allow us to provide higher quality with attention to detail to a larger group of customers.

I have started doing Locksmith service in 2008, I’ve got 15+ years in carpentry, 10+ years in CAD Design, 25+ years in painting, 20+ years in elect. and plumbing