Custom Cabinets

Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Reflect your personal tastes with custom kitchen cabinets for your Northeast Ohio home. We work with the room’s layout and build to fit the space. Select all the details, including the wood, style, color, and finish. You also get to choose the hardware for your custom kitchen cabinets. We assist homeowners who are undergoing partial renovations or full gut remodels. Custom kitchen cabinets let you replace an outdated style with a more modern one. Our finish carpenters have experience building all shapes and sizes of storage solutions. The completed project will match your interior design and last for years. The three primary types of custom kitchen cabinets are base, wall, and tall. We work with the existing room layout to update your storage solutions. Our finish carpentry company also builds lazy susans, shelves, drawers, and doors.

Custom Bathroom Cabinets

Everyone has a unique style and vision for the interior design of their home. Our local company builds custom cabinets for Northeast Ohio residents. Bathrooms benefit greatly from finish carpentry services. Creating more storage space in the existing layout makes homes more functional. Custom bathroom cabinets that you create also enhance visual appeal. Our finish carpenters will work with you to plan and develop the best solution. Custom bathroom cabinets make the most out of the existing space. We build stand-alone, sink base, and combination vanities. Replace outdated woodwork or create more space by having us build custom cabinets. Your bathroom will look much better and be more functional for your family. 

 Custom Built-in Cabinets

Custom built-in cabinets are made for kitchens, bathrooms, and other areas. Our finish carpenters craft storage solutions for homeowners in Northeast Ohio. We install custom cabinets in whatever room or space needs them. Finish carpentry services make interiors more functional and aesthetic. Before installing custom built-in cabinets, we take measurements. Working with the room’s layout, our finish carpenters determine the best height and width. Custom cabinets are built based on the specifications and your needs. You can choose the wood, color, hardware, and design. Decide on the type of doors, shelves, and drawers you want. Custom built-in cabinets not only solve storage problems but increase property value. Request a free estimate from Duckett Carpentry in Greater Cincinnati. Please call our local company at 513-456-7767 or fill out the form on this page.

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