Stairs and Handrails

Custom Stairs Services

Finding an “expert finish carpenter near me” is the key to getting the best custom stairs services. Our company has just that and serves clients all over the area. We can build a complete staircase or accentuate and touch up your existing one. Many homes have straight steps that are a direct route to the 2nd story. Some custom stair designs have a half or quarter-turn based on the property layout. Our finish carpentry services accommodate and enhance interior spaces. We also rebuild steps with poor structural integrity. Other options for custom stairs are curved and spiral designs. The two styles often get confused as the same but have distinct differences. However, spiral staircases are rounder and less efficient than curved layouts.

You can also have a finish carpenter construct and install a ship ladder. Some Greater Cincinnati homes have this type of step to access a hard-to-reach area. Custom stairs services also maximize space inside houses. We perform finish carpentry in existing and newly constructed homes. Our local company can help you develop the best plan for your home interior. Custom stair services also include railings and handrails installation. Having a sturdy banister and baluster is crucial for safety purposes. Our finish carpenter can work with you to select the color scheme and type of woodwork.

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Handrails and Railings Installation

Hire a finish carpenter for handrails and railings installation services for your stairway. Our Northeast Ohio company can assist you with this project. Many people confuse handrails and railings as the same staircase component. Some homes have both depending on the interior layout. Handrail and railings services are best left to an expert finish carpenter. We ensure stability and proper installation. These jobs involve finding the studs to mount brackets on the wall. The staircase also must be measured, and the custom woodwork needs to be cut. Handrails are also called banisters; people hold onto these when going up and down steps.

A finish carpenter should look at loose parts or fallen woodwork on stairs. Handrails installation jobs vary based on how they are attached, which is why the job is best left to an expert. Banisters are sometimes secured to wall studs with brackets or on the side of railings. Balusters or vertical posts protect people from falling off the side of a staircase. Having issues with railings also pose safety risks to a household. Custom stair services offer protection and an element of interior design. Contact us for an “expert finish carpenter” near me in Northeast Ohio. Please call 513-456-7767 or fill out the form on this page for a free quote. We offer expert custom stairs services that include handrails and railings.