Flooring and Baseboards

Hardwood Flooring Installation

Hardwood flooring installation is one job where hiring a professional is recommended. One tip to make your space feel completed is to apply baseboards and trim carpentry after completing your flooring project. For a lower-cost option, consider laminate that mimics genuine hardwood. Our expert finish carpenter will measure out and evaluate the room. Sometimes, structural issues or original construction prevent hardwood flooring installation. Select the stain color, finish, and grain for your interior renovation. Traditional options for your Northeast Ohio home are oak, mahogany, and maple. We work on all scopes of hardwood flooring installation projects. Our local finish carpentry company also offers free, no-obligation quotes. We don’t charge extra for us to assess the existing space in your home. If your residence meets the criteria, we can schedule the hardwood flooring installation. 

Baseboard Installation

Baseboard installation is trim carpentry that runs along the bottoms of walls. The molding makes rooms more purposeful but also visually appealing. The trim carpentry fills in gaps and covers joints where the walls and floors meet. Baseboard installation will preserve the structural integrity of your home’s interior. Another benefit is that the molding protects the lower areas of walls. The trim shields the surface from scratches and scuffs, requiring fewer touchups. Baseboard installation prevents potential moisture buildup or water damage from mopping. Another benefit of trim carpentry is less worry about pest and rodent infestation. The molding protects the walls and floor in many ways.

Baseboard installation costs vary depending on the molding you choose for a room. Our Northeast Ohio finish carpenters work with standard and custom woodwork designs. We can help you develop the best solution for your Greater Cincinnati home. In many cases, a simple style works for baseboard installation services. Our finish carpenters find that the most common types of molding are flat or stepped. Choosing custom woodwork, like a layered design, will increase the baseboard installation cost. Our local company offers free estimates, always! We’d love to help you realize your dreams for your space and discuss options with you. Contact us for a free quote to help you determine baseboard installation costs. Please call Duckett Carpentry at 513-456-7767 or fill out the form on this page.